Padding Panthers Nepomuk 15.09.2019

Rasse: Perser

Farbe: lilac-point

 ZB-Nr.: 7674-150919-10448 CFG

Züchter: Annabelle Stenmans







IC Kaj van de Drakensbergen

Shelauria Adoro

Dikanta Blue Lagoon Good Luck
red-point (PER)

St. Jude Vycrril, red-tabby-point (PER)

Dikanta Fire Dolly, red-point (PER)

Shelauria N’Jee
chocolate-tortie-point (EXO)

Shelauria Alejandro, red-point (EXO)

Shelauria Jena Lee, white blue eyed (EXO)

Galax-Cat Angel

CH Purrpals Eden
blue-tabby-point (EXO)

Ch Compri Augustine, cream-tabby-point (EXO)

Laureden Uninvited, tortie (PER)

Galax-Cat Lilly
seal-tortie-point (PER)

Karabels Toblerone, seal-point (PER)

Galax-Cat Mona Lisa, seal-tortie-point (PER)

Padding Panther’s Avanti

Carlo of Velberter Jewelcats

Schubert’s Perser Miky
lilac-point (PER)

Ultimus Inter Pares De Noctua, red-point (PER)

Schubert’s Perser Mila, lilac-point (PER)

Schubert’s Perser Sun-Lee
red-point, (PER)

Ultimus Inter Pares De Noctua, red-point (PER)

Schubert’s Perser Bigi, lilac-tortie-point (PER)

Mona Lisa vom Kristallmeer
white-copper eyed

GIC Charly v. Kristallmeer
white-copper eyed, (PER)

Romeo, white-copper eyed (PER)

Snakepoint B Hot Affaire, blue-point (PER)

CH Nelly von Franconodal
blue-point (PER)

CH Orion von Franconodal, blue-point (PER)

Cleopatra von Franconodal, lilac-tabby-point (PER)

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