Wimaria’s Qilotta

geb. 09.04.2019

Rasse: Exotic

Farbe: chocolate-tabby-pt.

ZB-Nr.: CFG 7611-090419-10015





Züchter: Kerstin Tischendorf


carries chocolate and dilution





Wimaria’s Ulysses

IC Maxi Susanna’s Dali

CH Wimaria’s Dexter
cream-tabby-point, (EXO)

GIC Benny v.d. Lauerburg, red-point (EXO)
Wimaria’s Zafira, bluecream-tb.-point (EXO)

GEC Jasmund’s Pippifax
tortoiseshell, (PER)

CH CC’s Alle Meine Entchen, red-tb.-cl. (PER)
CH Housecats Sweet Surprice, seal-tb.-point (PER)

Wimaria’s Que Sera Sera

Disneycat’s Aladdin
chocolate-point, (PER)

Disneycat’s Yasron, seal-point (PER)
Lady Diana v. Palladin, seal-point (EXO)

Wimaria’s Belinda
seal-point, (PER)

CH Greedy Grimace’s Jolly Joker, seal-tb.-pt. (PER)
GIC Greedy Grimaces Highlight, blucream-pt. (PER)

Wimaria’s Walentina

Carl Johnson vom

CH Al Horayra Bonny M
blue-point (PER)

GIC Thür. Little Prince, blue-tabby-point (PER)
CH Thür. Diamondust, seal-tabby-point (PER)

Tinka v.d. Lindenhöhe
choc.-tortie-point (EXO)

CH Adam v.d. Lindenhöhe, chocolate (PER)
Xeen v.d. Lindenhöhe, lilac-tortie-point (EXO)

Wimaria’s Nathalie

IC Goldstarcats Uncle Sam
red-cl.-tb. (EXO)

GIC Robin Hood v. Semmelberg, chocolate (EXO)
Thüringens Channel No. 5, blue-torbie-point (PER)

 Wimaria’s Zafira
blue-torbie-point, (EXO)

IC El Sahib’s Mitras, red-tabby-point (PER)
IC Wimaria’s Leonie, blue-tabby-point (EXO)

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